The SwitchersFund


The impact fund for green start-ups in the Mediterranean


What is the SwitchersFund?


The SwitchersFund provides and facilitates direct funding and business support services to existing and future green, circular and social entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean Region.

The SwitchersFund is an initiative that stems from the acknowledgement that there is an urgent need to switch from a “business as usual” world into one where the principles of social and environmental sustainability are upheld and respected.

The SwitchersFund aims to make the switch to a green, circular and social economy in the Mediterranean a reality. To this end, we support eco and social innovators through a blend of private and public money, technical assistance and grants.

The SwitchersFund mobilises local investors and enterprise support programmes as well as European resources to strengthening Mediterranean start-up projects and raise additional funds.

The SwitchersFund serve as a meeting place for private funders including foundations, private donors and impact investors, that can use it as a way to identify interesting projects in the Mediterranean that can be funded directly. Additionally, it can serve as a means to pool different financial resources in to a structured process that brings entrepreneurs from the ideation phase towards sustainability.