About The Fund

The Fund, a Joint Initiative

Our Vision & Philosophy

The SwitchersFund serves ultimately as a tool to demonstrate that Green Businesses have a future in the Mediterranean. It allows the Switchers to transform innovative ideas into projects and gradually turn them into sustainable green businesses. The Switchers contribute to improve the environment, their society and create jobs and economic growth in the Mediterranean.

The SwitchersFund in its current form is a grant- making entity that plans to roll-out new financial products as the demand from the Switchers grows.

The philosophy of the SwitchersFund is to build alliances with like-minded public and private organisations (public investors, multilateral organizations, development finance institutions, NGOs, foundations and private institutional investors), in order to increase access to finance for innovative green businesses in the Mediterranean.


Our Mission

The SwitchersFund wants to bring seed finance directly to these pioneers, through a mix of grants, loans and equity participations, as a way of strengthening their start-up projects and a stepping-stone towards raising additional funds in their countries.

We provide:

  • Grants to allow Switchers to test new ideas and attract new funders
  • Loans to help Switchers test new products and enter new markets
  • Equity participations to support the growth of social and eco-innovations and allow Green Businesses to attract new investors.



Geographical Scope

The geographical scope of the SwitchersFund is the Mediterranean including both the European countries and the neighboring countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

In addition, the SwitchersFund can support both Green Entrepreneurs and local financial institutions with high impact technical assistance, to allow local funders to meet and support innovators and finance green businesses.


How the SwitchersFund works

The SwitchersFund works as a catalyst of innovative ideas and its role is to identify innovative projects and connect them with financiers. The SwitchersFund will therefore provide initial seed finance to innovators and connect them with local and international donors, banks and investors.

The goal of the SwitchersFund is to support innovative green entrepreneurs in the development of their projects, first through grants, and as these projects grow by introducing adapted financial products such as concessional loans and ultimately through equity participations.