Algebra Ventures

1. Description

Name of the organisation Algebra Ventures
Typology Venture Capital
Description Our firm was founded by some of the most experienced VC investors in Egypt. We have seen technology transform our societies and impact how we communicate, decide and transact. We foresee technology having even more meaningful impact in the coming years as a new generation of entrepreneurs build the market-leading companies of tomorrow.
Location Cairo, Egypt
Geographical scope Egypt
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects Open for Proposals from Green Entrepreneurs
Instruments Equity Finance
Average investment – amount $500K to $4m

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Core Technology, Indutry Marketplaces, E-commerce, FinTech, Business Software and Platforms, Internet and Mobile
Phase of grow – business stage and target group of clients Growth and Scale
Most important prerequisites for financing a project Market focus, growth
Most important barriers that prevent financing Stage
Minimum investment required $500K
Currently available financial products Equity Finance

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails Khaled Ismail
Address and telephone 12 Saleh Ayoub St. 5th floor, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.