1. Description

Name of organization Bader ICT Incubator
Typology Incubator – Accelerator
Description Bader ICT Incubator
Bader is a Palestinian Entrepreneurs’ ICT Incubator, with focus on innovation and pioneering new ICT companies in the ICT sector. Bader’s mission is to stimulate new ICT and ICT related start-ups, and foster growth by investing in these companies. At Bader, we offer entrepreneurs funding and business resources, mentors and business connections regionally and globally. This results in further job creation, encourages economic growth, and enhances both Rawabi’s and Palestine’s global mark in the ICT sector.
Bader ICT incubator will accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial ICT and ICT-related companies through an array of business support resources and services. Our main goal is to produce successful firms that leave the incubator financially viable and freestanding, create jobs, commercialize Technology and strengthen the Palestinian Economy.
Bader provides business assistance that comes in the form of management guidance, technical assistance, and mentoring. It also provides facilities and facility-based services that provide the incubated companies with appropriate rental space, shared business services and equipment, technology support services, technical assistance and consulting tailored to hosted growing companies, in addition to financing.
Location Rawabi, Palestine
Geographical scope West Bank
Relevant information
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects Open for Proposals from Green Entrepreneurs
Instruments Equity Finance
Average investment – amount $50,000 – $250,000

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags ICT and ICT related initiatives
Phase of grow – business stage and target group of clients Ideation; Early stage
Most important prerequisites for financing a project * ICT or ICT related product or service
* Tech Founder as part of the founding team
Most important barriers that prevent financing * Startup not in the targeted sector
* No MVP (too early / still in idea stage, pre-acceleration, etc.)
Minimum investment required $50.000
Currently available financial products Incubation program (equity investment with hosting and business development services)

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails
Address and telephone Bader ICT Incubator
Rawabi 666,
PalestineAl-Kawthar St., Al-Balou’
Web site