Foundation Diane

Foundation Diane

1. Description

Name of the organisation Fondation Diane
Typology Venture Capital Fund
Description Fondation Diane is dedicated to create the first green investment fund in Lebanon. Its vision is to sustain Lebanon’s environment by greening its economy. To achieve these ambitious goals, FD’s fund backs-up Lebanese green start-ups and SMEs through equity investing and constant business support
Location Lebanon
Geographical scope Lebanon
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects Equity investment in Lebanese Start-ups :   L’atelier de miel, Taqa,Cycling circle, MeGreen , Compost Baladi , Capolo. Loans in 2 waste sorting centers : Green Track (Jabal Mohsn) and Higher Chouf federation.
Instruments Equity investment , loan and Convertible loan.
Average investment – amount 20k$-1M$

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Waste, eco-tourism, transport, energy , food production
Phase of grow Growth
Most important prerequisites for financing a project Quantifiable environment impact and positive business model
Most important barriers that prevent financing Lack of coherence in the team members
Minimum investment required 20000$
Currently available financial products Equity investment , incubation

3. Contact details

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