1. Description

Name of organization HCIE
Typology Private Equity
Description The Higher Council, through its faith and confidence in the potential creative capacities and energies of the Palestinian people and its recognition of the vital role of creativity in building up the State of Palestine and strengthening the steadfastness, resilience and prosperity of the Palestinian people, seeks to play a leading role towards consolidating a culture of innovation and excellence among the Palestinian community and very fair and just empowerment of all those innovators and creative people, and towards strengthening the structure of creativity system in various sectors, so that creativity becomes mainstay of the economy and the knowledgeable society in which we seek
Location Palestine, Ramallah
Geographical scope Palestine
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects Grants to develop prototypes of innovative ideas in related fields
Instruments Grants, Seed Fund, equity investment
Average investment – amount depends on the project as investment decision is made case by case

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Stimulation, evaluation, incubation, funding, investment, national and international cooperation, Policies and Strategies- All fields with focus on scietific & Technological ones
Phase of grow – business stage and target group of clients Growth – Scale
Most important prerequisites for financing a project Depends on the stage and the field, committees are formed upon need. Usually: innovation, value proposition, competitive advantage, etc
Most important barriers that prevent financing Failure in complying with our financial procedures
Minimum investment required Financial support either seed fund or investment is decided case by case
Currently available financial products Innovation fund, running budget for prototyping

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails
Address and telephone Rayhan suburb/2820016-7
Web site www.hcie.ps