1. Description

Name of the organisation Headstart
Typology Crowdfunding
Description Headstart enables an innovative method for funding, this is not about investment or lending. Project creators keep 100% ownership and control over their work. Instead, they offer products and experiences that are unique to each project. 

Anyone can realise his aspiration with Headstart. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, developers and many more creative minded people can raise money to fund their projects and make great things possible.

Geographical scope Israel
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects There is a whole page dedicated to environemental project but there are not properly entreupreneurial : https://www.headstart.co.il/cat-79-Environment.aspx. The page dedicated to business doesn’t contain a special category for green entrepreneurship : https://www.headstart.co.il/cat-92-Entrepreneurship.aspx
Average investment – amount The entrepreneur sets its own funding goal within a limited period of time.

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Headstart is meant to meet the needs of all sorts of creative projects. Chek item number five of the FAQ “What types of projects can launch a crowdfunding campaign on Headstart?”: https://www.headstart.co.il/page-62-FAQ.aspx
Phase of growth Early Stage
Most important prerequisites for financing a project https://www.headstart.co.il/page-62-FAQ.aspx
Most important barriers that prevent financing The principle which govers the fundraising campaing is “funding all or nothing”. In order for the contributors’ money to be turned over to the creator, it is absolutely necessary for the project to raise the target sum by the completion date. If not, the entrepreneur can’t amass the money.
Minimum investment required “Good will contribution”. Each “creator”/ project runner/ entrepreneur has perks associated with each contribution level.
Currently available financial products

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails
Address and telephone
Web site https://www.headstart.co.il/page-58-How_does_it_work.aspx