1. Description

Name of the organisation Mimoona
Typology Crowdfunding
Description Mimoona is an internet platform which helps entrepreneurs promote their special dream… the one which they dream even while awake. It could be about making a movie, a CD, a book, an awesome gadget, performing scientific research, setting up a business, competing in a sports event, arranging an artistic event, a social or educational initiative- anything goes, almost any kind of initiative.
Geographical scope Israel (applications can be submitted from anywhere in the world and businesses don’t need do be incorporated for applying. Each project must be submitted in Hebrew first and afterword it may be submitted in English)
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects A whole page is dedicated to environmental project:     https://www.mimoona.co.il/Search&category=5
Average investment – amount The entrepreneur sets its funding goal within a limited period of time. The enrivonment project related which raise the biggest amount of money reachs 70 840 NIS

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Mimoona is available for any project needing funds and doesn’t target only proper entrepreneurial project.
Phase of growth Early Stage
Most important prerequisites for financing a project Anyone can submit a business or project, although application are reviewed by Mimoona’s staff. For more details : https://www.mimoona.co.il/index.php?module=Pages&pagenum=23
Most important barriers that prevent financing The principle which governs the fundraising campaign is “funding all or nothing”. In order for the contributors’ money to be turned over to the creator, it is absolutely necessary for the project to raise the target sum by the completion date. If not, the entrepreneur can’t amass the money.
Minimum investment required
Currently available financial products

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails
Address and telephone 17 Kiryat Sefer St. Tel Aviv – 077 2233444
Web site https://www.mimoona.co.il