Networking Facility


The SwitchersFund is associated with the Switchers Community and the SwitchMed Network.

The Switchers Community and the SwitchMed Network enable connections with peers and more experienced entrepreneurs, who can support them in their journey. We also facilitate engagement of the Switchers at strategic partners’ side events and workshops for enabling B2B connections.

Synergy Workshops

We organize synergy workshops in each focus country, where we bring together entrepreneurs and public institutions, financial players, companies and support structures to identify challenges and opportunities to promote eco and social innovation initiatives in order to identify specific measures and tools for strengthening the regulatory framework and stimulating the market for sustainable products and services.

SwitchMed Connect

At our regional flagship event, namely the SwitchMed Connect, we bring together Mediterranean stakeholders for building synergies, exchanging knowledge, and scaling up eco and social innovations. The next SwitchMed Connect will take place in Barcelona in the second half of 2018.