The #BagToTheFuture Award

The environmental challenge aiming at tackling single use plastic bags in Egypt.


Status of the call: Closed

In 2019, the SwitchersFund and Very Nile launched the #BagToTheFuture Award to prevent plastic marine litter in Egypt by proposing ways to limit, prevent, replace, reduce or improve the use of single-use plastic bags. The challenge  was divided into two awards for solutions that ultimately complemented one another:

  • ‘Responsible Alternatives’ Rewarding the best innovative idea or project providing alternatives to single use plastic bags.
  • ‘Responsible Choices’ Rewarding the best idea or project tackling the way in which we use and consume single use plastic bags.

Meet here Konoz awarded under the ‘Responsible Alternatives’. Sabrene AbdelMaksoud Mohamed, Ruqaya Amer Ali, Mohamed AbdelAl Sayed Ahmed and Haitham AbdelAl Sayed Ahmed are a group of friends from Luxor that founded Konoz, an initiative combining cultural heritage and a free, natural resource to produce reusable bags using discarded palm tree leaves.


Meet here Peradica awarded under the ‘Responsible Choices Track’. Norhan Tarek, Sama Zidan, Farah Hossam, Hana Hicham and Sara Seif are a team of five Business Informatic students from the German University in Cairo that founded Peradica. They came up with the idea of creating an app that connects users with recycling agencies in their areas, in exchange for a reward system such as discounts on environmentally friendly products and services. Recycling agencies are provided with more users, enabling them to collect and recycle more.