The #BagToTheFuture Award

The #BagToTheFuture Awards

Open call for the for the environmental challenge aimed at tackling single use plastic bags in Egypt

We’re looking for you!

Check this out! One Challenge – Two Awards! Don’t miss out on this exciting new opportunity to bring your innovative ideas to tackle the issue of single use plastic bags. Join us on making a positive impact on the environment by proposing ways to limit, prevent, replace, reduce or improve the use of single-use plastic bags. The challenge is aimed at finding and fostering the use affordable and convenient alternatives to single-use plastic bags and to provide economic impact, preferably to disadvantaged groups, as well promoting their daily, long-term use. This in turn, will be promoting business innovation in Egypt. The #BagToTheFuture challenge invites entrepreneurs, individuals, organisations or SMEs to identify and commercialize their solutions. The challenge is divided into two awards for solutions that will ultimately complement one another:

  • ‘Responsible Alternatives’ Rewarding the best innovative idea or project providing alternatives to single use plastic bags.
  • ‘Responsible Choices’ Rewarding the best idea or project tackling the way in which we use and consume single use plastic bags.

VeryNile is an initiative led by two dynamic Business Support Organization based in Egypt, that together with SCP/RAC are promoting this challenge. We invite you to find out more by clicking “HERE


The challenge promotes critical and creative thinking skills that are key in finding solutions. Most importantly, we believe that the impact of both solutions can be leveraged through building synergies between the two selected projects. Both teams will receive similar trainings and workshops and be invited to collaborate together to build bridges on similar challenges to ensure the targeted impact of this proposal is maximized. ‘Responsible Alternatives’ Focused on addressing ways to promote or develop alternatives to single use plastic bags that have the potential to be bought in local market, hard discount supermarket or local vendor. Alternatives should take into consideration the life-cycle of the product and be guided by the waste management hierarchy by preventing and reducing waste generation, reusing by giving the products a second life before they become waste, recycling and recovery. ‘Responsible Choices’ Aimed at implementing new social practices that meet social needs in a better way than the existing solutions resulting from promoting community building and strengthening of responsible behaviour towards plastic bags. The initiative should be a transformative social innovation that introduces new approaches to existing problems and by successfully changing the consumption patterns. The solution should not be centred on mere profit maximisation but to address social needs that the economic system is unable to tackle; the empowerment of groups and individuals; and the willingness to change social relations. Besides the tailored incubation process, the Innovation Festival, taking place on October 24&25th in Tirana will allow candidates to exhibit their initiatives, hence gathering attention from buyers and financial institutions.

The Grant

    The challenge is quantified at a total value of 280.000EGP in which VeryNile is offering an incubation and mentorship program for a duration of 4 months with expert guidance, a customized program conceived by entrepreneurs who know how to bring an idea to market and who will help the selected teams to create a sustainable business model, achieve a first market penetration and create horizontal and vertical synergies with diversified actors. The awardees will have the opportunity to participate in the national event organized by SCP/RAC in September where they will pitch their product in front of an audience and VeryNile will help maximize the visibility of the initiatives through a tailored marketing campaign and dissemination. Upon completion of the incubation process each of the awarded candidates will receive a seed funding of up to 30,000 EGP each to be spent on the implementation of the project. This shall take place at a final award ceremony that will allow candidates to exhibit their initiatives, hence gathering attention from buyers and financial institutions.

Who is eligible ?

The challenge is open to everybody, be it an individual, a university, a governmental, regional or local organization, presenting an initiative or business idea that tackles the issue of single use plastic bags by applying the circular economy principles, including sustainable consumption and production patterns in Egypt. For further details, please check “”.

How to apply?

The registration must be done in English via the online application form that can be found here for the Responsible Alternatives track: and here for the Responsible Choices track: Please make sure to read the challenge background information and the guidelines for phasing out single use plastics, as well as the eligibility and evaluation criteria before completing this form. Should you have any questions please contact Mona: Deadline for submission is August 25th, 2019, at 12PM.