Who are you?

Are you an Entrepreneur?
Are you a Donor?
Are you an Investor?

01. Are you an entrepreneur?

What do we provide?

The SwitchersFund brings you direct assistance through its Support Services:

  • Capacity building including training, incubation and acceleration for green business creation and development
  • Advice from a team of mentors and technical experts
  • Impact measurement monitoring and reporting scheme
  • Grants from 3.000 to 25.000 euros
  • Innovative vouchers from 3.000 to 10.000 euros
  • Availability of finance guidelines and web tools such as a practical financial toolkit to better access to finance and a guide to launch a crowdfunding campaign
  • Opportunity to pitch at the “Green start-up meet investors” events including access to a wide network of potential investors
  • Opportunity to attend business to business events
  • Networking with peers, donors and policy makers


Discover the Switchers community and find out how to become a Switcher:

The Switchers Community


Find here the latest funding opportunities and relevant news for the Switchers.



02. Are you a Donor?

The SwitchersFund is looking for donors to support innovative circular business able to positively impact the environment and the society.

With you The SwitchersFund will accelerate the transition to the circular economy providing directly seed finance to the Switchers, through a mix of technical assistance and grants, as a way of strengthening their business.


03. Are you a financing institution?

The SwitchersFund Facility works with financing institutions to:

  • Identify finance needs, gaps and investment opportunities to smoothly provide funds to entrepreneurs.
  • Increase the support for facilitating access to finance for green start-ups.
  • Support pilots, experimentation and innovation in the area of financing of circular business.
  • Tailor enterprise support and technical assistance towards increasing the number of successful green start-ups.

over time:

  • Provide inputs for the development of specific guarantee schemes.


04. Are you a private sector investor?

The SwitchersFund Facility works with private sectors to:

  • Build the capacity of the investment officers to better understand circular business models
  • Involve the investment officers in the development of the financial aspects of the projects
  • Provide access to our green portfolio