1. Description

Name of the organisation Alfanar
Typology Venture Philanthropy
Description Alfanar is the first venture philanthropy organisation in the Arab world that invests and provides engaged management support, coaching and training to social enterprises.
Location Cairo, Egypt
Geographical scope Egypt
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects Opened to Proposals from Green Entrepreneurs with Social Impact goals.
Instruments Grants and Repayable loans
Average investment – amount 45,000 USD

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Women empowerment and youth employment across all sectors. Children’s education. Green initiatives with social impacts
Phase of growth Growth
Most important prerequisites for financing a project The organisation should be equally focused on social impact (improving lives in disadvantaged communities) and financial sustainability
Most important barriers that prevent financing N/A
Minimum investment required Perform a due diligence to assess investment viability
Currently available financial products Grants and Repayable loans

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails
Address and telephone Alfanar Cairo
50 Nadi El-Sayd St.
(3rd floor), 12311 Dokki,
Giza, Cairo, Egypt.