How the SwitchersFund works

Our facility

The SwitchersFund Facility is dedicated to enhancing the amount of investment for circular economy solutions in the Mediterranean and complements the SwitchersFund by:

– Supporting financial institutions in addressing their green investments needs, through the identification of gaps and investment opportunities and guaranteeing the access and the development of the SwitchersFund portfolio.

– Increasing the private and public sector awareness raising about green investment, elaborating and providing impact trends and reports.


We work with…

The SwitchersFund acts as a catalyser that ultimately serves to attract private and public investments.

Private Investors and Donors willing to support organizations on the creation of social and environmental benefits, in addition to generating financial returns;

Financing Institutions interested in enhancing and facilitating the investments on benefit of the green economy.

Other stakeholders such as Business Support Organisations who would like to identify where donations and investments will have the most impact.