1. Description

Name of the organisation Flat6Labs
Typology Accelerator
Description Flat6Labs is a regional startup accelerator program that fosters and invests in bright and passionate entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas. We provide seed funding, strategic mentorship, a creative workspace, a multitude of perks, entrepreneurship-focused business training, and directly support our startups through an expansive network of partner entities, mentors and investors. We create an environment where you can advance your company an incredible amount in a short period of time.
Location Cairo, Egypt
Geographical scope Middle East North Africa
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects Open for Proposals from Green Entrepreneurs
Instruments $10K – 15K for 10-15% Equity
Average investment – amount $10-$15K

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Technology, Innovation
Phase of growth Early Stage; Growth
Most important prerequisites for financing a project Strong team
Most important barriers that prevent financing N/A
Minimum investment required N/A
Currently available financial products Acceleration Program

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails info@flat6labs.com
Address and telephone 1 Floor, Flat 6, Street 2, Giza, Egypt
Website www.flat6labs.com