1. Description

Name Association d’Entraide Professionnelle
Type of Financial Operator Microfinance
Description Non-profit association working for socio-economic development in the field of microfinance.
Location Lebanon
Geographical scope Lebanon
Experiences in financing eco innovative projects Open for Proposals from Green Entrepreneurs
Instruments Loans
Average investment – amount $5k with 10% interest

2. Investor Criteria

Scope of operations – Industry/tags Family SME
Phase of grow – business stage and target group of clients Early stage; Growth
Most important prerequisites for financing a project Invest in entrepreneur and not the person, AEP Favors people who has had difficulty obtaining a loan from bank.
Most important barriers that prevent financing The enterprise must be legally established.
Minimum investment required The entrepreneur must have experience in entrepreneurship and ensure collateral.
Currently available financial products Loans

3. Contact details

Contact persons / emails
Address and telephone Beyrouth Siege de L’AEP Badaro, rue al alam
Tél: 01 382 610
Web site